PowerVAC is a leader in providing comprehensive facility management solutions that empower businesses and property owners to optimize their operational efficiency.

With our unwavering commitment to excellence, professionalism, and expertise, we redefine how facilities are managed, ensuring seamless operations and sustainable environments.

Facility Management

Mechanical & Electrical Works

Engineering Services

Maintenance & Repairs


• Hvac
• Plumbing
• Fire fighting
• Installation of fire suppression systems
• Firefighting equipment installation
• Fire risk assessment
• Design of fire protection systems


• Power lv/hv
• Low current/elv
• Fire alarm and emergency system
• Installation of fire detection and alarm systems
• Fire alarm and suppression system maintenance
• Bms (building management system)
• Telephone and communication systems
• Voice and data structural cable systems
• Cctv and access control systems
• Fire alarm systems installation
• Audio visual systems
• Lighting control systems
• Video and audio intercom system

Engineering Services
Maintenance and Repairs
Sustainability and Energy Management
Technology Integration
Asset Management
Health and Safety Compliance