Ethmar International Holding (EIH)

Ethmar International Holding (EIH) is a rapidly growing investment Holding company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. At EIH, we aspire to deliver on our country’s economic objectives, ensure tangible, long-term, and sustainable returns to our investors and give back to the community. We believe in diversification across industries, through building synergies while looking for the best opportunities for success.


As the Chairman of the Al Qudra Holding and Board Member of Abu Dhabi Group, National Investment Corporation, and Marina Facilities Management, His Excellency brings a wealth of dedicated business expertise specialized in the UAE market.

Having helmed a range of businesses from industrials to financials and beyond – H.E. has an unsurpassable knowledge of the region and its strategic markets – pushing Nirvana’s dynamic in line with “The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030”.

Under his guidance, Nirvana pushes for excellence in the UAE’s travel and tourism sector bringing out the best of the UAE’s culture and heritage as well as developing it as a global tourism hub.



Mr. Alaa Al Ali is a visionary leader and a strategic thinker, with a career that ignited in the dynamic landscape of tourism and hospitality in Abu Dhabi, back in 2007. Mr. Alaa Al Ali has consistently demonstrated unparalleled acumen and insight throughout his journey.

His achievements resonate not only locally but also regionally and globally, painting a picture of a leader who transforms challenges into triumphs. Steering through diverse new sectors including commerce, communication, technology, and his latest involvement in Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Alaa Al Ali has displayed a remarkable ability to adapt and excel.

His indomitable spirit and pioneering approach inspire not just his teams, but also the industry at large. With this record, Mr. Alaa Al Ali is all set to chart new territories of success for our organization, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of business and beyond.