Nirvana Holding

Nirvana Holding is a visionary conglomerate headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Our journey began in 2007 to oversee the international growth and expansion of four distinguished entities: Nirvana Travel & Tourism, Nirvana Global Travel, Nirvana Over the World, and Nirvana Tours & Logistics. As a pioneering Travel and Tourism Management Company, we are committed to setting unparalleled standards of excellence in the regional and global travel industry.

Dynamic Businesses

Diversified Investments


Private Jets



Gewan Investment is a premier investment company that curates dynamic and diversified business portfolios across various industries, regionally and globally.
With a foundation built on innovation, integrity, and strategic vision, we have positioned ourselves as a catalyst for growth and prosperity in the investment world.

360° Powerhouse

Media & Marketing

Strategy & Planning

Strategic Communications


9Yards Communications

In today’s world with information overload, every brand wants to be seen and heard to create its own space and identity.
With a team of +150 seasoned professionals boasting +200 years of industry experience, we’re uniquely equipped to understand and cater to the region’s distinctive culture, language, and consumer habits. Since 2017, we’ve been crafting cutting-edge media, marketing, and event solutions from our Abu Dhabi office that empower regional brands to rise above global noise. At 9Yards, quality is just the beginning; we go the extra mile for your brand’s success.

Hotel Management

Asset Management

Lifestyle Experiences

Leisure & Entertainment


Gewan Hotels

Gewan Hotel Management is a renowned hotel management company committed to delivering a refined, high-class lifestyle experience for guests.
Our dedication to the “customer-focused, quality service” ethos sets us apart in the world of hospitality. With a portfolio of luxury hotels, we are committed to elevating the art of hospitality and exceeding the expectations of our valued guests.

Supply Chain



Food Security


Akhdar General Trading

Akhdar General Trading LLC is a visionary company built upon the collaborative efforts of industry leaders who are dedicated to maintaining food security in alignment with the UAE Food Security Strategy 2051.
We set our sights on becoming a prominent player in the agribusiness trading sector, committed to addressing the global challenges of food security. Our operations encompass two key verticals: Supply Chain and Trading, focusing on a diverse range of essential commodities, including palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, stearin, olein, oilseeds, oilseed meals, corn, and grains.

Sustainable Products

Sweet Proteins

Healthy Products

Cutting-Edge Technology


Novel Foods Group LLC

Novel Foods Sweet Proteins is a pioneering company at the forefront of redefining sweetness for a healthier world.
We specialize in producing Sweet Proteins and are committed to offering a natural and sustainable alternative to traditional sugars and sweeteners. Our innovative approach leverages cutting-edge biotechnology – specifically precision fermentation – to produce sweet proteins with unmatched scalability, quality, and sustainability.

Luxury Properties

Health & Wellness

Grand Villas

Premium Communities



MARASI Property Development is a luxury real estate company dedicated to crafting exquisite, tailor-made living spaces that embody luxury and sophistication.
With a relentless commitment to excellence, innovation, and precision, MARASI redefines luxury living, offering homeowners residences, and enduring investments in the future.

Brokerage Services

Real Estate Advisory

Financial Advisory

Mortgage Services



SARAAI Real Estate Network is an innovative real estate broker in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
With an established presence, our company addresses the evolving needs of development markets and diverse communities within the UAE, delivering quality real estate solutions and services to investors, property owners, and occupiers in the regional property market.

Luxurious Finishes

High Quality

Specialized Construction

Interior Design


Gewan Engineering

Gewan Engineering is a specialized construction company committed to delivering high-quality, luxurious finishes.
With an accomplished team of engineers, designers, and architects, we embark on a journey that transforms concepts into reality, creating spaces that resonate with elegance and excellence.

Facility Management

Mechanical & Electrical Works

Engineering Services

Maintenance & Repairs



PowerVAC is a leader in providing comprehensive facility management solutions that empower businesses and property owners to optimize their operational efficiency.
With our unwavering commitment to excellence, professionalism, and expertise, we redefine how facilities are managed, ensuring seamless operations and sustainable environments.

Software Development

Web Development

App Development

ERP Development


Gewan Info-Tech

Gewan Info-Tech is a leading IT service provider with a track record of delivering innovative software solutions and quality services.
With our expertise in web and software development and digital marketing, we are committed to helping businesses thrive in the online world.

Artificial Intelligence

Smart Solutions

Intelligent Security

Transformative Technology



Gewan AI is a cutting-edge technology company at the forefront of artificial intelligence innovation. Rooted in a passion for driving transformative change through AI, we are committed to revolutionizing industries and empowering businesses with intelligent solutions.
Our comprehensive suite of AI services is designed to elevate your business, whether you’re a startup aiming to disrupt or an established enterprise seeking to stay ahead.




Oil & Gas



Gewan Enterprise is an international project execution company serving multiple industries like telecommunications, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, oil and gas, and education.
We are a dynamic and forward-looking company committed to shaping industries, fostering innovation, and driving positive change. With a diverse portfolio and a focus on excellence, we are poised to execute projects to the highest standards in a rapidly evolving global business landscape.

Film Production

TV Production

Live Broadcasting

Ad Production


9Yards Production

9Yards Production House creates captivating media content, specializing in films, commercials, music videos, and digital content with a commitment to delivering high-quality productions.